R&D Ecosystem Pillars

​In the R&D workshop, a strategic framework was defined around the 6 key pillars of the R&D ecosystem.



During the workshop the strategic framework which will guide the overall program was discussed. The strategic framework comprises 6 key pillars:

  • Aligning Priorities : Ensuring that Research and Development funding is aligned to ongoing national priorities.
  • Ensuring Appropriate Funding : Making sure that the correct level of funding is provided to ensure quality outcomes.
  • Performance Measurement : A focus on economic outcomes, not just measurement of the output such as the number of publications.
  • Talent : Ensuring that our human capital has the right capabilities across the end to end Research and Development sector.
  • Partnerships : With both the private sector and eminent Research and development organizations around the world.
  • Entrepreneurialism : Encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation across the Kingdom to create the demand for Research and Development.
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