International Collaboration Initiative


Thank you for your interest in the RDO’s International Collaboration Initiative. The grant deadline closed on October 29th, 2018 
based on the previously announced timeline, and the RDO is currently undertaking the first phase of proposal validations.​​

The RDO is to provide funding in support of collaborative projects with international partners

Following the successful International Collaboration Conference in April 2018, we are opening call for proposals for International Collaboration grants of up to SAR 7.5 million ($2 million) in priority science and technology fields, in line with the objectives of Vision 2030.

Two types of grant to be made available. Funds delivered over three years on an annual instalment basis.

1.    Research Capability Grant – SAR 0.6 to 1.8 million

The objective of this type of grant is to support basic and applied research contributing to the following fields:

  • Biogenomics
  • Nanobiology
  • Catalysis & Polymers
  • Red Sea & Marine Studies
  • Desalination & Water Reuse
  • Renewable Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pollution Management
  • Crowd Management
  • Climate Change
  • Machine Learning
  • Cyber Security

2.    Grand Challenges Grant – up to SAR 7.5 million

The objective of this type of grant is to support work directly relevant to accomplishment of one of the following Grand Challenges that were agreed at the RDO's International Collaboration Conference in April 2018:

  1. Increase the total available capacity of desalinated water by 50%
  2. Increase the reliable transmission and storage of renewable energy to account for 4% of total energy use
  3. Reduce the threat posed by emerging infectious diseases through prediction, pandemic detection, and vaccine development
  4. Develop a real-time simulation and monitoring mechanism for Massive Crowd Movement with early warning capabilities

Who can apply?

Both types of grant are open to Principal Investigators belonging to a Saudi public university or any KSA nationals belonging to private or independent university in KSA.

What can the money be spent on?

Equipment, consumables, human resources and travel. We expect at least two thirds of the grant to be spent by KSA groups with up to one third going to the international partner. Purchase of equipment is limited to KSA universities.

How do I apply?

Further details can be found in:

Application form

Guidelines document


Applications should be submitted electronically as a single PDF file. Details to be published in due course.

The application deadline is October 29th, 2018.

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