Technology Transfer Office


RDO to provide funding in support of developing Technology Transfer Offices at universities.

Why is this initiative introduced by the RDO?

The TTO initiative consists of annual grants that allow KSA public universities to develop a TTO or enhance their current office.  TTOs engage in a variety of commercial activities that are meant to facilitate the process of bringing research developments to market, serving as a gateway between academia and industry.

The TTO aims to:

  1. Achieve long-term returns for universities, such as sustained partnerships, cultural change, job creation, and societal well-being.
  2. Facilitate the process of transferring research and technology to industry
  3. Enhance innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity
  4. Support in the development of spin-offs to contribute to the economic development of KSA

What is a TTO and how large are the awards?

This initiative has been developed to give the opportunity for KSA public universities to select one of the following two options depending on the grant's alignment with university objectives:

1.       Model A: Establishing an independent TTO at the university or enhancing their currently operational TTO

  • SAR 500,000 over the course of one year

2.       Model B: Establishing a collaborative TTO with multiple KSA public universities

  • SAR 1,500,000 over the course of one year

Who can apply?

The initiative has been divided into two application categories:

For Model A, the grant is open to a single KSA public university looking to establish a new TTO or develop their current TTO. For Model B, the grant is open to a group of KSA public universities aiming to collaborate with one another to develop a collaborative TTO. It is the responsibility of the university to submit the application. Details on the initiative are provided in subsequent sections of this document.

What can the money be spent on?

The spend plan for TTOs are detailed in the guideline document but at a high-level, funds can be allocated for the following: salary, access to university facilities and for other expenses such as consumables and mobility.​

How do I apply?

Further details can be found in:

Guidelines document

Expression of Interest (Stage 1)​


Applications for the TTO initiative must be submitted to the RDO electronically via the online application form on the website.

Applicants must ensure that the EOI forms are received by the RDO at the latest, 4pm (16:00) on 21st of February 2019 as a single PDF document. An incomplete application or one that does not meet the eligibility criteria outlined in these Guidelines will not be considered. Shortlisted applicants will be informed of their status once the evaluation process is complete. The Expression of Interest​ application form will be available soon.

For any inquiries in regards to this initiative please contact us electronically at

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