University-Industry Collaboration Initiative

RDO will be launching and will be providing funding in support of four grants that enhance university industry partnerships in the Kingdom. Stay tuned for the launch of the initiative in the upcoming weeks.

Why is this initiative introduced by the RDO?

R&D plays a vital role in boosting innovation and productivity while contributing to the local economy and, equipping companies with required knowledge and infrastructure to enhance their products and services.

The aims of the University-Industry Partnership initiative are to:

  • Strengthen university and industry/business collaboration to make a tangible economic impact
  • Build a culture, infrastructure and processes for effective knowledge exchange from public universities to industry and vice-versa.
  • Stimulate increased active engagement with universities amongst Saudi industry and business
  • Develop the capacity and means for fostering and managing industry/business partnerships within KSA universities

What are the grants?

This initiative promotes a number of distinct approaches to foster university and industry/business collaborations. Universities are invited to submit proposals for any, or all, of the following four grants:

UIP Summary Table.JPG

Below links for each initiative where all relevant documents can be found:

-Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (Coming Soon)

-Industry Placement (Coming Soon)

-Technology Transfer Office

-Collaborative Research Projects​

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